"pee on me frankie-chan!!111!111!!!!1!"-odrey, probably


franknfurter-chan broke odrey's door with his shoe!1!1

"hi bb im thirsty wanna fuck" franknfurter asked the tiny gay

"i always wanna fuck ;))" odrey replied

they both took off their clothes!1!!1!

"i have a whip now" odrey said "tie me up bb"

franknfurter tied up odrey and fucked them1!!1!

bloss and jasper heard sex noises and wanted to know what was happening!1!1

"i wonder who is fucking" bloss said

she and jasper followed the noise to find odrey and franknfurter fucking!!11

somehow the door wasnt broken and it was locked!11 jasper kicked it open!11

"wow i knew odrey liked bondage but franknfurter too???? i'm kinkshaming!!1!" bloss said

franknfurter realized bloss and jasper were there!!11

"what if i told you i had a kinkshaming kink ;))" franknfuter said

"I'M KINKSHAMING YOU MORE- wait" bloss answered

"i can smell ur thirst, bloss. stop denying it" franknfurter replied

"yeah join this. threesomes are cool" odrey said

jasper just stood there watching because it was hot!11!!1

"ok" bloss said and joined!!!11!!1

"id join but i dont wanna break anyone's bones..." jasper said sadly

bloss put on a seaweed mustache "WE ARE INVINCIBLE!!1!!" bloss said as she put seaweed mustaches on odrey and franknfurter

"does frank even have bones??? hes a transylvanian idk how his anatomy works or anything besides very big dong" odrey said

"well i dont think a flaming hot cheeto is going to break my bones" franknfurter said

"alrighty then ;))" jasper said as she got on top of franknfurter!!!1!1

amethyst walked in!!!1!

"did you steal my whip" she asked

"no but i will now ;))" odrey replied