Carla Canal
Carla in her shop.
Carla in her shop.
Vital statistics
Position Shopkeeper
Age 37
Status Missing
Physical attributes
Height 4'2"
Weight 9,999 stone
Carla Canal is the one of the rudest Toons in Toontown Rewritten. Nobody likes Carla.

Appearance Edit

Carla is a short, fat, red duck. She has black and white cartoon-like eyes, and an orange beak. She wears a blue shirt when at work.

Personality Edit

Carla is a rude, ungrateful Toon, this side of her showing when Berry and Olivia risked their lives to save her shop, and she didn't utter a word of thanks. Otherwise, she acts kind, but is easily angered and will put up a fight.

Gallery Edit

We attempted to take more pictures of Carla, but by then, her shop had already been taken over again. Good riddance to Carla.