These are the official rules of The Second Blossom Wiki. If you do not follow them, one of the staff will probably be a big meanie and kick, ban, and/or block you. Please be sure to read all the rules thoroughly, and feel free to ask an admin or co-owner about any questions that you may have.

General Wiki Rules

These are general rules that must be followed on the wiki itself.


Intolerance against others because of their interests, race, disinterests, sexuality, and/or gender is not accepted.  Racism, any variation of LGBT+phobia, xenophobia, heterophobia, sexism, genderphobia, and other forms of hatred against genders, sexualities, and/or races is not tolerated here.  Doing so will earn you a reasonable block from staff.

Common Sense

Use it.


Small, jokey trolling is okay.  However, if you pull your little pranks too far and cause a war, someone's feelings to be hurt, or someone to be really irritated, chances are you'll get punished.


Harassment is NOT tolerated whatsoever. A reasonable block will be decided by an admin.


Profanity is allowed.  Please do not use offensive slurs.


Sexual or innapropriate content is not allowed. This means videos, links, photos, drawings, stories, anything on the wiki. If you break this rule, the content will be removed and you will have a one week ban.


Sockpuppeting is NOT allowed. Sockpuppeting is when you try to avoid a ban by creating or using another account. If you sockpuppet, your main will get at least a 3 month ban and alts at least a 2 year ban. If you have already used your account rename slot and need to make another account with a new name, that's fine.  Joke alts are fine as long as they aren't used to cause trouble.

Chat Rules

These are rules specifically for the chat.



Profanity is allowed, use it however much you want.  Do not use offensive slurs, please.


Harassment is not allowed.  Bullying a user on chat will earn you a reasonable punishment from staff.

Except towards Wikiadude.  Do whatever to him.


Sockpuppeting is not allowed. You will get a 2 month ban and your sockpuppet will get a permanent ban.

NOTE: Alts are allowed, please clarify they are indeed an alt though.


This rule isn't enforced unless all you do is spam, spam, spam where it's annoying for other users.

Roleplaying Rules

These are rules for roleplays on the forums or on chat.


Profanity is allowed.  Please don't use offensive slurs.


Don't harass others. Bullying will cause a reasonable punishment and the person you bullied may take your part if they wish.

Except towards Wikiadude.  Do whatever to him.


Rudely bragging to a different user who really wanted the part that you got before them isn't tolerated.  Please don't be mean to others.  No wonder the admins are a big meanie to you :(

Staff-Related Rules

These are rules relating to promoted users.

Power Abuse

Please do not block or ban users unless they are an alt or have broken several rules or are an obvious Hunter alt.  Co-Owners and admins are allowed to use the /unban command on other Co-Owners and admins as a joke, ONLY as a joke, and if they are friends with each other and the user being unbanned does not mind.  That joke cannot just be spamming it every two seconds.  Blossom is not allowed to abuse her powers on everyone, please tell Co-Owners if she does this and they will give her a thorough talking to about how just because she's the founder does not mean she's a god who can do whatever.

Feel free to block/ban and demote Second Bot if he unblocks himself somehow and goes on another one of his mini-rampages thinking that he's the one in control.


Blocking users for no reason is NOT tolerated, and WILL get both your rights removed and a month block.  Please do not abuse these rights!

Breaking a Rule

If you break a rule, you'll be punished, and can potentially lose your rights.

Co-Owners or Admins Randomly Promoting or Demoting Users

Co-Owners and admins, please do not randomly promote or demote people just because you can.

Constantly Breaking Rules

If you constantly and purposely break rules, you will not become a staff member.  If you are a staff member, the other staff will be ashamed of you, and the mean ol' founder might demote you.

Image Uploading

Do NOT overwrite images that aren't yours!

Please do not overwrite an image that isn't yours.  See that nifty little "More Options" with the arrow?  Click that and rename the file.  Failure to abide by this rule will result in punishment.

Don't upload anything with sexual content unless evidence for someone breaking a rule.

Don't upload anything with uncensored sexual content unless it's proof someone was breaking a rule.  This will get you a reasonable punishment by staff.


Please do not plagiarize(stealing someone's art/images), as this is very rude and can be insulting to the original owner of the image of worked hard on it.